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The Growing Disciples Inventory (GDI) is designed to help Christians discover their spiritual strengths and growth points. The individual visual report facilitates reflection and prompts planning for intentional Christian spiritual growth. Know, to grow.

Begin by creating a username and password, which sets up your individual account. Complete the 84 items thoughtfully - it takes about 10 minutes.

All responses are confidential. Your Growing Disciples Inventory responses are securely stored so that you can view, email or print your personal report anytime you log in. No-one else can see your report unless you choose to share it. No personal information is ever collected (name, contact information). Completion of the GDI implies consent to use of data (anonymously) for research on Christian spiritual development through Andrews University (see Privacy Statement).

For more information, read about the GDI, Q&A Helps, or contact us.

This Inventory is a self-assessment of Christian spiritual development, and will not be valuable to those of other respected faiths. Feel free to review the Growing Fruitful Disciples Model or contact us for further information.

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