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What is Together Growing Fruitful Disciples?

Together Growing Fruitful Disciples is a collaborative initiative by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Andrews University. It is designed as a whole-church endeavor, based on the biblical view that the person who accepts Christ as Savior is called to a Christ-like life of spiritual, mental, physical, and relational growth. Growing Fruitful Disciples will help individuals and church ministry leaders at every level of church organization to better undertake the complex, multi-faceted process of discipling – that of enabling people to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ within the fellowship of the church, His body by:

Connecting with God, self, and others
Understanding Jesus and His teachings
Serving in God's mission of revelation and reconciliation
Living in Community to help one another know, love, and serve God

  • A Scriptural and Prophetic Foundation

    Summary copy indicating what the users will find if they click the link to read more. This page contains the scriptural references and E.G. White quotes previously under the "Commentary" section on the old site.

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  • The Together Growing Fruitful Disciples Model

    Even though discipleship can be described simply as “following Jesus,” it is a complex combination of our entire experience as Christians. The Growing Fruitful Disciples model is an effort to help us think more clearly and deeply about our growth as disciples.

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