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Growing Fruitful Disciples Framework

A Framework to Facilitate Learning and Growth

Because discipleship is life, and occurs within the loving relationships in the body of Christ, the processes and content of discipleship cannot be reduced to statements in a grid. Thus, the Growing Fruitful Disciples Framework is designed to serve as a skeleton of basic characteristics of discipleship. It is a structure around which individuals, groups, and churches can organize experiences to edify the followers of Christ. Those who disciple others can use the framework to create learning events in any method of discipling such as parenting, mentoring, teaching, or facilitating small groups.

In the Growing Fruitful Disciples Framework, commitments for the growing Christian are articulated for each of the individual processes. Within each process, commitments are further divided into key aspects of spiritual growth called indicators. These indicators represent a lifetime of following Jesus.

This Framework of processes, commitments, and indicators serves as a guide to outline the scope of discipling. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, current discipling can be evaluated using this Framework. Some commitments and indicators may have been strongly addressed while others may have been overlooked. This evaluation will assist in making informed decisions for improving discipling.

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