Group Leader Accounts

The Growing Disciples Inventory (GDI) is designed to help Christians discover their spiritual strengths and growth points. The individual report facilitates reflection and prompts planning for intentional Christian spiritual growth. Group reports provide an anonymous summary of results for group members, useful for spiritual growth planning in Christian schools and church ministries.

How it works:

  1. A group leader sets up a group account, creating a group code.
  2. Group members each create an individual account, including the group code. They can then take the Growing Disciples Inventory (GDI) and access their personal report online.
  3. Results from individuals who login including this group code will be aggregated in the anonymous group report.
  4. Applications for group accounts are reviewed. An email with account information will be sent once approved, within 2-3 days usually.
  5. Group account holders can login at any time to view, email, or print their group reports. Group account holders cannot take the GDI, and will not see a report until one or more group members have completed the GDI. A group account holder is welcome to set up an Individual account to complete the GDI personally.
  6. Any form of Christian education or ministry looking for a discipleship or Christian spiritual development assessment may find this GDI valuable. Read About the Growing Disciples Inventory and the Growing Fruitful Disciples Framework to see if this fits your focus.
  7. The group report compares the group mean in the four processes defined in the Growing Fruitful Disciples Model in a circle graph. Bar graphs for more specific commitments within each process, provide more indepth comparisons. Both sets of graphs focus on comparisons among the components assessed, as defined by the aligned curriculum or model. Contact us for more information.
  8. Confidentiality is respected, as individual reports can only be accessed through personal login. No personal information (name, contact information) is ever collected (see Privacy Statement). Completion of the GDI implies consent to use of data for ongoing anonymous research on Christian spiritual development and for inclusion in the anonymous group reports (if individuals choose to identify themselves with a group).

If you are logged in as an individual and wish to create a group account, click here to logout and set up a group account now.

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